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Superfood Series: Health Benefits and Uses of Beets

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Are beets healthy? What are some of the benefits? How can you add more beets to your diet? 

Beets or otherwise known as beetroots, are root vegetables that are available all throughout the year. Their deep red color makes them one of the prettier vegetables and their color is often times used as a natural coloring agent. Besides their lovely appearance, consuming beets in your diet has been associated with many health benefits.  Check out our Beet Superfood info-graphic at the end of the blog for a full run down.

Strong Bones

Beets contain several nutrients that support healthy bones. A few of them include folate, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, and copper. More specifically, the high amounts of manganese help prevent the loss of bone density over extended periods of time. 

Glean Beet Powder

Glean Beet Powder Exercise Endurance

Improved Endurance

Consuming beets has shown to have a countless impact on performance on exercise. This is because of the nitrates found in beets and other leafy vegetables. This compound reduces the amount of oxygen needed during a workout. It allows you to crank out the same amount of work while using less oxygen. That begs the question: could you benefit from an improved workout thanks to beets?

Could you benefit from an improved workout thanks to beets?

Removed Toxins 

Turns out the color of beets also comes with some perks. The pigment betaine in beets is a part of several biological functions in the body. Bile, a fluid used in the liver, plays a role in breaking down and absorbing nutrients. Similarly, beets are jam packed with betalains that support another type of detoxification that removes undesirable toxins in cells.

Prevents Cataracts

Vitamin A, more specifically, beta-carotene is a big-time player in helping to prevent cataracts. Cataract is a fogginess or clouding of the eye’s lens. Beets also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which nourish retinal health.

Glowing Skin

The volume of folate in beets make a big difference in the repair and function of cells. Additionally, folate helps stop premature aging. And let’s not forget about the vitamin C and antioxidants beets hold in them either. These two properties are a natural way to make your skin glow.

Glean Beet Powder

Recipe Inspiration

There are endless ways to seize the benefits of beets.  Glean Beet Powder is a quick way to add this nutrition to your every day dishes!  A few of our favorites include:


Naturally colored with beet powder!

As it turns out, beets are more than just a pretty color superfood. They are loaded with benefits such as the ability to create stronger bones, increased stamina in exercising, a natural toxin remover, good for your eyes, and give you youthful looking skin. For inspiration on recipes with our beet powder, which packs all the same benefits of solid beets, check out the following blogs on our website.

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