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Simple Ingredients

You are what you eat -  We’ve all heard that saying!  But it's true - we believe that what you put into your body affects who you are and how you live.  At Glean, we spend our days producing clean fruits and vegetable products that serve as healthy and natural alternatives to processed foods.  

Our products are 100% simple.  Every product we offer is made with only 100% fruits or vegetables and that’s it!  No added sugars, preservatives or words you cannot pronounce.  The best part?  Each piece of fresh produce we use is naturally packed full of nutrients, is gluten-free, paleo friendly and tastes delicious.  Our flours and powders can be implemented into your everyday life - they are versatile and easy to use! 

 So, whether you are trying to: 

Reconnect to a healthier past,
Dwell in a healthier present, or
Cultivate a healthier future
 We want to join you on the journey to #liveglean.