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FAQ & Tips

  1. When will my order ship?  You should expect a shipping confirmation email within 48 business hours of your order being placed. 
  2. Is there anything wrong with the fruits and vegetables you use to make your products?   No!  In fact that part of why we started Glean.  All of the fresh produce we use is perfect - it just may have an odd shape or not fit the size profile most people want when shopping at the grocery store.  Our products are exciting and healthy ways to make sure produce has a home and is no longer discarded.
  3. Are there recommended ingredients to use with certain flours/powders?  Everything!  The best part about our ingredients is that they compliment sweet or savory dishes in anything from smoothies to entrees to desserts.  Cocoa and spices are great to compliment sweet potato and pumpkin and they help to downplay the 'earthy' taste of beets.  Rosemary and chili flakes work well with sweet potato.  Of course cinnamon and vanilla works great with pumpkin and sweet potatoes.  These are just a few combinations we have found to love - share yours!  
  4. Should I use the same temperature when using Glean flours?  Our flours are made from pure ingredients and will burn more easily at higher temperatures.  We recommend staying at 350 F and below and adjusting the cooking time accordingly.
  5. Will this have a big impact on the taste of my recipe?  Great question!  It depends on each recipe.  Adding small amounts into a smoothie or soup help to enhance the flavors of the main ingredients.  In applications where flour is more prominent, it will not be an overwhelming pumpkin or sweet potato taste but will add some inherent sweetness and deliciousness!
  6. What oils should I use for pan-frying?  Using oils with a higher smoke point will avoid browning/blackening of the flours.   Examples of those include avocado oil, refined coconut oil and canola oil just to name a few!
  7. Can flours be used to completely replace regular flour?  Glean's flours are a great alternative to regular flour in many applications.  To thicken soups and sauces, use as a light breader and in recipes where flour is not the primary ingredient, yes - you can replace completely with our sweet potato or pumpkin flour!  For use in baking, you can use as a full replacement - the end result may vary as vegetable flours are more dense and less absorbent. We recommend for your favorite recipes of cakes, cupcakes & breads, start by using a ratio of part Glean flour to part regular flour or if completely replacing, start with 25% less Glean flour than the recipe calls for to get your desired results.
  8. What is your refund policy?  We are happy to address any concerns you may have.  Please visit our Refund Policy page for more information.