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You Can't "Beet" This Secret Sauce!

Ingredients of a Fit Chick 

We're so excited about this "Secret Sauce" that Sarah of Meal Prep on Fleek created to compliment her salmon pasta entree.  We can hardly wait for the world to know what is in it!  


Be sure to follow along with Meal Prep on Fleek on their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube to see when the recipe becomes public!   

**HINT** We may be a little biased it contains Glean Beet Powder...

Meal Prep on Fleek
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Beet Pasta Sauce

This amazing dish by the Fitchick herself is still a secret recipe for now.  BUT what we do know is that it is made with fresh baby arugula + baked SizzleFish King Salmon + chickpea pasta tossed with a creamy beet sauce (using a little of yours truly's Beet Goodness) + goat cheese + hemp seeds.

It is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free and in her words "legit BOMB!" 

Glean Beet Powder Recipes

Glean - Superfood Products


Beet powder is a natural flavoring agent, taste enhancer and one of the world's greatest super-foods.  It has a wonderfully sweet taste and can be used in any kind of recipe.   

Made from only 100% beets and is naturally gluten-free and paleo-friendly! 

Don't forget to go check out all of Meal Prep on Fleek and Sarah's recipes and food coaching resources.  At Glean, we are big supporters of living a balanced life, full of fresh, whole foods and using our diets to nourish our mind, body and spirits!

Sarah's personal story and the drive behind what she does is just that!  In addition, Meal Prep on Fleek is an amazing resource for recipes, health and nutrition tips and overall health. 






About Sarah

Sarah is passionate about food and finding balance.   She is a Certified Eating Psychology & Intuitive Eating Counselor, as well as, a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  But much more than that, Sarah has had her own personal journey and is passionate about helping others learn to fuel their bodies in a healthy and balanced way so that life can be enjoyed to the fullest!

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