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5 Valentine's Recipes - Clean Eating Recipes



Valentine's Day is a special day each year to celebrate those you love whether it be your spouse, family members, children or dear friends.  We believe there is no greater way to enjoy fellowship and to show your genuine love for others than through the language of food!  We have created 5 unique recipes to show your favorite people how you adore them - by making their bellies full!  We hope you enjoy <3


Beet energy balls

Beet Energy Balls:  These are an easy and beautiful way to make a healthy snack!  Filled with bananas, nut butter, protein, chocolate chips and oats, these little bites are the perfect pick up for breakfast, lunch or a snack!  Get the full recipe here, make a batch and dig in!
beet burgers











Beet Veggie Burgers:  Let's talk about a healthy and hearty main dish for your main squeeze!  These beautifully colored burgers are packed with vegetables and fantastic served with your favorite burger accoutrements.  If veggie burgers are not your jam, simply add a little Glean beet powder to your regular meat patty for added color and a dash of delicious flavor!  Start cooking ---> recipe here.


coconut cream pie cupcakes glean







Coconut Cream Pie Cupcakes:  THESE ARE EVERYTHING!  They are absolutely the most amazingly moist coconut cupcake filled and topped with creamy, home-made cream cheese fluff.  You will not be able to make without eating the icing in the process!  The beautiful pink color is natural by adding a tad beet powder to the mix!  Recipe here so start baking!


heart beet pancakes






Heart "Beet" Pancakes:  What is a better way to tell someone you love them than to serve breakfast in bed?!  These are gluten-free but taste sinfully delicious.  Make in your favorite shape all year long - for this special day, we made them in the shape of hearts.  Top with fruit, whipped cream, syrup or almond butter.  Get the full recipe here!






Deviled Eggs with a Twist:  These are SO fun and easy.  Dyed pink by soaking in beet powder and vinegar, you will never taste the beets but have a beautiful side dish to impress.  We love deviled eggs for an easy snack or even breakfast!  Easy instructions to follow here.







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